Jewelry Direct From Nature

FIRE & BONE presents a line of amazing, true-to-life jewelry and collectibles derived from real animal skulls. Taking full advantage of exciting new technologies, like 3D scanning and 3D printing, we create incredibly accurate miniature skull replicas that are highly detailed and faithful to nature's design.

Our Process

Each and every Fire & Bone skull began life as a real animal skull. Using cutting-edge 3D scanners we bring an exact copy of that skull into the digital realm. It is here that we scale the skull down to size before bringing it back into the physical world.

Using a high resolution 3D printer, a miniaturized version of our original skull is created in wax. From that wax, a mold is made and from that mold we are able to produce a perfect miniature replica of our original animal skull in White Bronze, Yellow Bronze, or Sterling Silver, using age-old lost wax casting techniques.

Our Story

Fire & Bone began as a way to apply our expertise and creativity to a project that pays homage to our love of the natural and scientific world. In 2013 we brought the project to Kickstarter and were humbled by the outpouring of enthusiasm and support we received.

We’re excited and proud to have the opportunity to offer this line of jewelry and collectibles to the world!